Protector Wax

Protector Wax

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The innovative high-tech conserving wax sets new standards in matters of protection, durability, extreme deep gloss, long-term water repellence (lotus effect), easy to clean performance and vehicle drying without micro-beading. The use of polyfunctional reactive components in combination with highest quality care components, which bond firmly with the surfaces, as a network, guarantee perfect long-lasting high-gloss protection and improved visibility during rain (beading).  Improves with regular use the gloss and protection layer, covers fine scratches and all rubber plastic parts as well as convertible fabric top materials are protected against fading and embrittlement.

Areas of us: Gantry washing systems, wash systems, self service car washes, foam guns, etc.

Recommendations for use: Apply undiluted with dosing pump or in a ratio of 1:2. Recommended dosage per car: hot/cold wax: 13-19ml. Foam wax: 13-19ml. Premium wax: 16-23ml. Self-service carwashes and manual use (low pressure and foam cannon): 1:200 to 1:500 (final dilution). VDA conform to class A.

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